The case against the European Health Claims Regulation
- Bert Schwitters
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The questions asked in the ongoing “Botanicals” Consultation cannot be answered without implicitly accepting the incorrect premises on which this public consultation is based.

Health Claims Censored presents compelling arguments as to why the European Health Claims Regulation must be amended or destroyed. This system of controlling truthful speech is excessive, disproportionate and unprecedented.
Category Mistakes and “Botanicals”

It is a category mistake to present, consider, discuss or qualify “botanicals” as a category of medicines.

Botanical Fairy Tales and EU law

Those who seek to regulate the use of “botanicals” in foods and, especially, in food supplements, want us to believe that “under current EU rules, it is possible for Member States to classify a product, on a case-by-case basis, either as food or as medicine depending on its presentation and the claimed effect.

Essential Nutrients as Medicines … ?

In its 2016 General scientific guidance for stakeholders on health claim applications, the European Food Safety Authority’s NDA Panel stated that “the essentiality of a nutrient is determined by knowledge of its unique ability to reverse clinical signs and symptoms of deficiency, and/or by knowledge of its essential mechanistic role in metabolic functions.

EFSA should assess Health Claims based on Traditional Use
The Prison called Food Business
Who owns our Health ?
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